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Want to take your game to the next level?

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player private lessons are a great way to improve your technique and overall tennis experience. Private tennis lessons are the best way to accelerate improvement in your tennis game. Spending 30-60 minutes with one of our USPTA Certified Teaching Pros allows you to receive quality and in-depth personalized instruction for the areas of your game that needs the most attention.


How to schedule a Private Lesson?

If you are looking to schedule a private lesson with a Murrieta Tennis Club pro please follow the steps below:

•  Visit Our Pro's page and call/email the Pro you would like to schedule your private lessons with. All our pros are independent contractors so you will schedule your private lessons directly with them.

•  The tennis pro will give you a call back within 24-48 hours to discuss availabilities and options.

Meet Our Pros


30 Minute Lesson
$25 - $30

60 Minute Lesson
$50 - $60


30 Minute Lesson
$30 - $35

60 Minute Lesson
$60 - $70

Benefits of Private Tennis Lessons

Get Personalized Lessons Plan - In a private lesson, the instructor can tailor a lesson plan that works on the strengths and weaknesses. The instructor will breakdown each stroke and will be able to spend the time needed to improve and perfect your technique. You will receive the personalized attention that could not happen in a group lesson environment. Players that take advantage of private lessons generally improve much quicker than those in group lessons alone. 

Expect More Movement - In a private lesson the student has the opportunity to hit tons of balls. There is no waiting in line for your turn.  The instructor can feed you an entire basket of balls without stopping.  The constant hitting and movement allows players to improve footwork and endurance.  Private lessons are more rigorous, require more focus, and emulate match play as you work personally with your instructor.

Have In-depth Discussions - Having a private coach allows the player to ask as many questions as he or she wants. In a private lesson the coach and player have time to discuss what is really happening throughout each stroke.  The instructor is able to focus on your personal needs and is able to explain concepts in a much more thorough manner.

Lose the Distractions -With private coaching, there's no distractions. Sometimes in a group setting there can be many distractions and/or conversations that take the focus away from the lesson.  This rarely happens in a private lesson.  (Although group lessons are fun, social and develops a love for the game. Private lessons allow each player to really focus on specific needs.)

Make Lessons More Convenient -Private lessons allow for flexibility because there's no coordinating schedules.  A group lesson or clinic that students can join might meet at a set time every week, but with a private instructor, scheduling lessons is only dependent upon the player's and coach's schedule.  If you are involved in several activities or if your schedule varies each week, having flexibility with lesson meeting time is essential.  Private lessons give you convenience. 

If you do the math, in order to get the same cost per time hitting the ball, the class would have to ensure that at least 50% of the time, the student would be hitting the ball and have individual attention.  While the classes are cheaper, the private lessons are far more effective in getting beginners to master the basics in a timely manner.

Accelerate your tennis game now! To schedule a private lesson please contact one of our Pros or contact the office at 951-698-6774.

Why Play Tennis?

If you are new to the game, there are loads of reasons to start playing tennis:

•  It's more affordable than you think.
•  You can play whatever your age.
•  It's a great way to get and/or stay fit.
• Tennis is a great way to make friends.
• It's easy to Get Started.
• Tennis is better than going to the gym.
• Tennis is loads of fun.
• Tennis is for the entire family.
• Tennis is letting off steam.
• Learn to work together & communicate.
•  Both Aerobic & anaerobic exercise.
•  Enhances coordination & flexibility.
•  Learns sportsmanship.
•  Develops character & integrity while having fun.
•  Build discipline & work ethic.
•  Improves social skills.
• Tennis players scored higher in vigor, optimism & self -esteem while scoring lower in depression, anger, confusion, anxiety and tension than other athletes and non-athletes.
• Since tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking, it may generate new connections between nerves in the brain and promote a lifetime of continuing development of the brain.
• Tennis outperforms other sports in developing positive personality characteristics.


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