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Court Reservation Policy

•  Only Members of the Murrieta Tennis Club can reserve courts.

•  Members can reserve a court no more than 48 hours in advance.

•  Court time for non-members is based on court availability.  

•  Members may reserve a court by calling or texting the tennis office 951-698-6774, email or on our website Member may use their online accounts to reserve tennis courts. To reserve courts online you must set up your online account go to then member login. If a player does not have an online account (i.e. not a member) to make reservations, then he/she may make a reservation at the front desk on the same day of play. Non-members may also call in on the day of to make a court reservation if available, and pay over the phone with a valid credit card. No refunds will be issued for cancellation of same day reservations.

•  Court reservations are mandatory after 8:00 p.m.

•  Members can only reserve one court at a time.

•  Maximum court reservation time is for an hour and a half (1 ½), additional playing time is based on court availability.

•  Court time will be held for 30 minutes after the scheduled time, then “reassigned” if other players are waiting.

•  We do not guarantee preferences regarding a specific court. Murrieta Tennis Club tournaments league events, special functions and lessons have preference of court times.

•  Out of courtesy to other players, members are expected to cancel their court time as soon as possible. Failure to show or not to cancel several times may result in players losing their court reservation privileges.

•  The ball machine will be booked for a maximum of one (1) hour per reservation.

•  Ball machine rentals must be done during Murrieta Tennis Club office hours and not during prime time hours. Please see the Ball Machine policy for more information.


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